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The Photos Below are of a 1969 Ford 4000 Tractor with a 6240DMXL Plow Hand Brand Sport Canopy. This Tractor was Restored by Owner Chris S. and Friends of Mobile Alabama, Restoration Completed 9/28/2013.




Tractor Canopies, Tractor Roofs and Tractor Sun Shades. The Turf Mower Canopy, John Deere Tractor Canopy, Cub Cadet Canopy, Kubota Tractor Canopy, Ford Tractor Canopy, New Holland Tractor Canopy, Exmark Mower Canopy, Scag Mower Canopy, Grasshopper Mower Canopy and All Other Tractor Canopy Tops, Forklift TopsTractor Roofs and Tractor Sun Shades are available at Factory Direct Prices.

All of Our Tractor Canopy Tops and Forklift Roof Tops are Built Tuff and Built in The U.S.A.

We Now offer the Tractor ROPS/Roll Bars and Zero Turn Radius Roll Bars Factory Direct.  Roll Bars can be Shipped with your Tractor Canopy Order.

To place an Order by Phone, or if you have questions about Tractor Canopies, Forklift Tops or Tractor Roll Bars, Contact Sales, Monday - Saturday   9:00 AM  -  7:00 PM   Central  Time : (325) 203-2808

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The 6240 AMXL includes a PIN PULL system for quick removal or attachment, offering up to a 5 angle adjustment system and will work for all Compact to Midsize Tractors and Zero Turn Radius Mowers, No drilling or adapting required.

The 6240 DMXL is a Direct Mount System which Bolts directly to your roll bar ( ROPS ) and requires no drilling or adapting to your Tractor or mower, The 6240 DMXL will fit any Midsize compact Tractor or Zero Turn Radius Mower.

All Lighting systems are wired through the frame and foamed to prevent wire movement or friction  inside the frame. The switch is mounted in place for easy access, wiring harness comes completely attached, the only thing left for you is to hook one wire to the battery post ( All  Instructions Included )

Installed Front Headlight System $ 95.00 or Installed Rear HeadLight System $ 95.00

Separate switch Controls for the Front and Rear Lighting system.

Installed Front And Rear Headlight System $ 180.00

The LARGE 6240 AMXL Hard Top Tractor Canopy is Now Priced at $ 349.95 and The 6240 DMXL Hard Top Tractor Canopy is Priced at $ 339.95. The 6240 AMXL Tractor Canopy has a Regular Retail Price of $ 479.95 and the 6240 DMXL Tractor Canopy has a Regular Retail Price of $ 459.95 and The New 6240 DMXL and 6240 AMXL, are 55 inches Long X 42 inches Wide,  10 inches Longer and 6 inches Wider than most comparable Priced Tractor Canopies on the market, giving you More Coverage in the Front, Rear and on both sides of your Tractor or Mower seat. The New Sport Tractor Canopy is Color Cast in 1/4 inch thick Polyethylene, making it almost Twice the thickness of other canopies and the elongated Multi - Rib support design, combined with a  Heavy Duty tubular Steel Frame1/4 inch Heavy Duty Steel Brackets and 3/8 inch Mounting Plates make it One of the Most Rigid Tractor Canopies on the market.
It's so durable that we will Back it up with a FIVE YEAR Factory Warranty. The 6240AMXL Tractor Canopy includes a user friendly Clevis Pin Pull System making it one of the fastest attachment, detachment or fold down operations available Anywhere. With the quick release of clevis pins, and at only 30 Lbs. it is easily a one person set up.
 A Tractor Canopy Top is probably one of the most important Tractor Attachments or Accessories you will ever buy for Your Tractor, Zero Turn Radius Mower, ATV or Forklift.
A Tractor Umbrella doesn't even compare to a Hard Top Tractor Canopy and a Hard Top Tractor Canopy will Last years beyond a Tractor Umbrella. So Why Throw your money away every other year on a replacement Tractor Umbrella when the Hard Top Tractor Canopy will give you several years of protection at half the cost of other comparable Tractor canopies, and at just a fraction over the  price you would have to pay for a Tractor Umbrella. The Hard Top Sport Canopy is NOT the typical ABS Plastic Canopy that usually cracks after a short time in the sun, or the painted Canopy that peels after running under a tree limb a few times.
The polyethylene we use in our Tractor Canopies will Not break down like ABS Polycarbonate Materials, and will not crack like the Fiberglass Tractor Canopies. Our Tractor Canopies are UV / Fade Resistant, Color Cast throughout the full 1/4 inch thickness, and made with the same Pliable High Impact Resistant Material we use for our Ocean Marine and Coast Guard Products. All of our Products go through a Factory Quality Control/Quality Assurance Inspection process Before they are released to our customers. This is the ideal Tractor Canopy Roof or Tractor Sun Shade for any Zero Turn Radius Mower, Small Compact Tractor, Mid size or Large Tractor on the market.
The Hard Top Sport Canopy will fit any make or model Tractor or Zero Turn Radius Mower.
Our Tractor Canopy and Frame Brackets bolt directly to the ROPS (Roll Bar) and will includes ALL Necessary hardware to mount the Canopy to your Tractor or Mower with any Roll Bar, Any Width (NO DRILLING REQUIRED) Just Bolt the Tractor Canopy on, and you are done, Our Tractor Canopy comes fully assembled with clevis pins and/or bolts inserted and preset. With the Clevis Pin Pull System (included with the 6240 AMXL Canopy), you can attach, remove, fold the canopy down or change the angle settings in Seconds, The Rigidity of the AMXL or DMXL Tractor Canopy will allow you to Transport your Tractor at Highway Speeds without the worry of wind damage to your Tractor or Canopy.
Purchase your Tractor Canopy, Tractor Roof or Tractor shade, Factory Direct from FabCom Industries.

Optional: 2 Angle adjustment system $25.00
Optional: 3 Angle adjustment system $ 30.00
Optional: 5 angle adjustment system $ 35.00.
Optional: Mounted and wired Headlight Kit $ 95.00
Optional: Mounted and wired Headlight and Rear or Taillight Kit $ 180.00
Optional: RADIANT BARRIER Insulation package $ 35.00

Tractor and Zero turn Radius Mower ROPS and Roll Bars are now offered Factory Direct.
Call for Sizes and Purchase options.

For Multiple Tractor Canopy Discounts, Please contact us.

NOTE: The Plow Hand brand Tractor Canopy package will include ALL hardware for your Tractor, Zero turn radius mower, Turf mower or ATV Vehicle, Optional   2, 3 or 5 angle adjustment systems are available For ALL Tractor Canopies, Our Headlight kit includes a mounted switch, wired through the frame and Foamed in place to prevent wire movement.
 We Stock Brackets for Mounting all ROPS/Roll-bars and offer a Low or High profile Mounting Bracket System.

Dixon Zero Turn Radius Canopy

Kioti Tractor Canopy / Kubota Tractor Canopy




Factory Direct Tractor Canopies.
Light in weight, yet very Rigid.
The Plow Hand Tractor Canopy Includes a FIVE YEAR Factory Warranty
The AMXL Tractor Canopy Includes a Quick, Easy Pin Pull System, One person set-up, No Drilling necessary.
The Clevis Pin Pull system allows you to Attach, Detach, Change Angles or Fold the Tractor Canopy down in seconds.
The Plow Hand Brand Tractor Canopy Will fit ALL Tractor and ZTR-Mower ROPS (Roll Bars)
We have Brackets for any ROPS, any size.
Color Cast, No Painting Necessary.
Constructed of 1/4" Heavy duty / Impact Resistant Polyethylene, Resistant to environmental aging, severe temperature changes and remains pliable even at temperatures well below freezing.
Pliability will not allow it to crack like Fiberglass, or Damage like metal or aluminum.
This Polyethylene is UV Resistant and will decrease the temperature from the suns heat 20% under the canopy.
The Optional Radiant Barrier Insulation will Block 95% of additional Radiated Heat.
This Tractor Canopy has been Safely Impact Tested up to 500 Lbs./PSi .
Tractor Canopy comes pre-assembled, Custom Hardware is also included and pre-assembled.
Order your Tractor Canopy by Phone Today.


6240XL John Deere Yellow


6240XL Kubota Orange


John Deere Canopy / Green
John Deere Tractor Canopy / Yellow 

Kioti Tractor Canopy / Orange

Kioti Canopy / Gray 

Kubota Tractor Canopy / Orange
Kubota Canopy / Gray
Cub Cadet Canopy / Yellow
Cub Cadet Canopy / Beige
Mahindra Tractor Canopy / Red
Mahindra  Canopy / White
Mahindra Canopy / Gray

Massey Ferguson Tractor Canopy / Red
Massey Ferguson Canopy / White

Exmark Mower Canopy / Gray

Exmark Mower Canopy / Red

Exmark Zero Turn Radius Canopy / Gray

Exmark Zero Turn Radius Canopy / Red
Toro Mower Canopy / Red
Toro Canopy / Gray
Dixon mower Canopy / Blue
Dixon Mower Canopy / White

Dixon Canopy / Gray
New Holland Tractor Canopy / Blue
New Holland Canopy / White
Ford Tractor Canopy / White
Ford Tractor Canopy / Red

Ford Canopy / Gray
GrassHopper Mower Canopy / Brown
GrassHopper  Canopy / Beige

GrassHopper Canopy / Gray

Custom Colors available upon request.

  We Now offer a $ 150.00 Upgrade Option for tractors with a Backhoe Attachment.

 The Large 62400XL Transformer Frame Tractor Canopy.

For Tractor Canopy Questions or Orders Call: (325) 203-2808.  Sales Support Available:  Monday - Saturday  9:00 AM  til  7:00 PM  Central Time / Tech Support Available 7 Days a week 8:00 AM til 7:00 PM Central Time.

Our Tractor Canopies and other Products are Always Manufactured and Assembled in the U.S.A.